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Powered by 3DNA digital design, production and distribution network.

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Business model for the digital age.

Produce on-demand, with no excess inventory.

Distribute direct-to-consumer or via a network of retail professionals.

Efficient, sustainable, at a fraction of the cost.

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Collaborative design: simple and efficient.

Hundreds of popular shapes to start, or sketch your own concept.

Render in thousands of materials and combinations, including Mazzucchelli and Jinyu acetates.

Design the perfect styles for your brand.

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Flexible service, full stop.

On-demand eyewear production for bespoke, small-batch, or mass.

Produce only what you need, ending waste and dead-stock inventory.

Join the ecosystem for agile, sustainable brands.

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Powered by network.

Professional retailers supporting your vision globally.

Release designs digitally for instant try-on, reducing distribution cost and time.

Gauge response before investing in production.

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Create the whole product.

Don't just stop at the eyewear frame.

Make it personal with engraving, serializing, and embossing.

Make your brand shine with custom cases, pocket-squares, and more.

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Tap into content commerce.

Integrate marketing campaigns with transparent, order-based content feeds.

Authentic multimedia for storytelling and sharing - from your website, social media, via our retail network, or all three!

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Digitally native: redefine your brand.

Exceed expectations with transparency, creativity, and sustainability.

Break the mold, think outside the box, and redefine the eyewear experience with 3DNA.

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