1. How do I get a 3DNA frame?

Book an appointment with us here ! We will walk you through the process.

2. How long does it take?

This depends on your material choice and prescription. It usually takes 10 working days once design is confirmed.

3. What can I customize?

You can customize frame shape, material, accessories (nose pads and hinges), and lens.

Eyecare Providers

1. What can I do with 3DNA?

You can use our platform to:
- offer tailor-made eyewear to your patients.
- design your own eyewear collection.
- on-shore frame production.

2. How do I start?

Register here, and we will review your account and contact you via email/phone to assit your further.

Once your account is verified, log in and go to "Download" section to access the programme.

Have more questions?

Email us!