A New Retail Experience

Define digital eyewear dispensing with 3DNA in-store technology.

3DNA App

Windows Tablet

Lightweight. Portable.

3DNA Frame

Desktop PC

Perfect for a compact office.

90 x 35 x 35 cm

3DNA App

Compact Kiosk

Table or wall-mounted illuminated display.

100 x 50 x 35cm

3DNA Frame

Stand-Up Kiosk

Suitable for most offices.

225 x 115 x 70cm

3DNA App

Motorized Stand-Up Kiosk

Fits a greater range of working heights.

(140~200) x 115 x 80cm

3DNA Frame

Dispensing Desk

Seated design experience for patient-optician collaboration.

150 x 115 x 130cm

3DNA App

Custom Builds

Built to suit your dispensary.

3DNA Materials

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