Digital Eyewear Manufacturing

Equip your business with the right tools to create value transparently and locally.

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Be the (supply) chain you wish to see.

With rapid consolidation, your clients need to stay ahead of the curve.

3DNA equips you to produce high-value, locally made goods and create fulfilling work.

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The right tools for the job.

Mixing latest technologies with proven traditions, our solutions are customised to your specific needs.

Flexible production models grow with you, creating new revenue streams for an existing customer base.

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Lens, meets frame.

Digital freeform lens technology changed optical lens manufacturing for good.

Optical labs now mass-customize lenses, creating valuable products and high quality careers in local communities.

Next up: eyeglasses frames.

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More power, more value.

3DNA equips forward-thinking labs and retailers with an end-to-end, design-to-production pipeline.

Produce stock, small-batch, or bespoke eyewear for optimum flexibility.

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Drive demand, deliver supply.

Custom eyewear is a fast-growing market, in search of production capacity.

Onshore production to supply high-quality, high-value, bespoke eyewear.

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Turn key to unlock potential.

Supercharge legacy sales channels. Leverage on-site skilled labor. Maximize your growth.

Increase average tray value by 120%+ with an evergreen revenue stream.

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Transparent eyewear production.

Real-time visibility provides authentic content consumers love to share.

Break the mold, think outside the box, and change the game for good, with 3DNA.

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