Change the game with 3DNA

Elevate your patient experience and take creativity to the next level.

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Redefine the eyewear experience.

Use your optical super-power to create individually customised eyewear.

Surprise and delight patients in ways big brand competitors can't.

Offer unparalleled experience, with a story that stock products just can't match.

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Turbocharge your skills with technology.

Retail-tech kiosks, sized to suit your practice;

3D face scan from any iOS device with FaceID;

Eyewear design app, for styling, customizing, and digitising eyewear, down to the millimeter.

3DNA App

Fight back against online sellers.

Fed up with the hassle of inventory, only to see more customers buying online?

Stop being their showroom and get into the e-commerce of design collaboration, in store, or remote.

Sell beyond your local market by tapping into social networks.

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Nobody wins in a race to the bottom.

Stop supporting your competition.

Big brands are always sought at the lowest price.

Escape the commodity trap, and transform from stock sales to eyewear-as-a-service.

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A brand you can stand behind - yours.

Instead of selling brands you can't control, create a digitally native brand you do!

Build your collection with access to latest shapes, styles, and materials with little to no inventory.

Sell your brand exclusively, or tap into our network.

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Same same, but different.

Are your products the same as your peers?

Your service is personal, shouldn't your products be too?

Give your patients an experience as unique as you are, as unique as they are, with custom eyewear.

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Eyewear with a story.

See your creation come to life, with real time tracking and 100% transparency.

Each step enriched with multimedia, which 3DNA automatically helps you share on social media.

Leverage word-of-mouth marketing with stories patients love to tell.

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